Welcome to El Paseo Wellness!

Located in the heart of Palm Desert, CA, El Paseo Wellness provides customized Anti-Aging medical care and high-quality patient education, all in a warm and compassionate environment. By paying close attention to each individual patient, and by listening ot our patients' concerns, El Paseo Wellness establishes a practitioner-patient relationship based on trust and respect. We are deeply committed to promoting the quality of life and well being
of our patients.

Janet Miller


"El Paseo Wellness is a culmination of my entire life experience—
my love for fitness and perfect health, my hunger for medical knowledge and good healthy food, my search for life fulfillment, happiness and joy. I live a holistic lifestyle and this approach
is at the core of my practice.

I share with my patients a proven methodology that promotes balance and general well being. I guide each patient to good health by helping them break unhealthy habits while promoting positive lifestyle changes. These may include changes to diet and exercise routines, the addition of natural supplements, and effective techniques to help motivate and sustain good health.

Far from 'New Age' medicine, El Paseo Wellness is an integrated wellness practice, and I am a licensed Nurse Practioner. My practice approaches wellness both through natural supplements and traditional medicine. Using the most effective techniques available,
I will help every patient, both men and women, to develop a wellness plan that meets their specific needs and expecatations."

What to Expect as a Patient at El Paseo Wellness

Many patients, both men and women, begin their journey to wellness through Bio-Identical Hormone replacement therapy. As they go through the process of balancing their hormones (sex hormones, thyroid, adrenals), they decide they want to shed some unwanted pounds or join the detoxification program. Weight loss is often easier and more effective if the body's hormone system is first in balance. In many cases, we suggest that patients do a detox program before and after a weight-loss program in order to cleanse the body of accumulated toxins stored in fat.

The first visit takes about an hour and a half including intake paperwork. Patients are given a complete health history, review of systems and a mini physical. We'll also take this time to work with you to prioritize wellness goals and discuss symptoms that you would like to address. We will begin the development of a plan of care and make initial supplement recommendations, and we will order baseline lab work (either blood or saliva tests) to be reviewed on the second visit.

One to two weeks later, once the lab results have come in, we will schedule the second appointment. During the second visit we will finalize and implement the plan of care, and begin hormone therapy. If suggested by your symptoms and the lab results, we will also prescribe herbs, nutrients and homeopathic medicines according to each patient's needs.

After beginning Bio-Identical hormone therapy, we monitor patients very closely. We recommend that pertinent hormone tests be repeated in 90 days and again at six months, or more frequently as determined by the needs of each patient. These tests are required for the purpose of hormone dose adjustment. We also require an annual visit during which more extensive lab work can be ordered. Above all, we want to ensure optimal care, and ongoing visits are essential to this process.